Essay on Angel of Death Dr.Josef Mengele

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During world war two, the holocaust affected millions of lives, especially those of the twins and the children at Auschwitz, who were brutally experimented on with no pan management while under the supervision of Dr. Joseph Mengele. Many died and the rest lived the rest of their lives with severe medical problems. Dr. Mengele was not a simple creature though. The creation of the Nazi angel of death began as a child in a cold distant family, and gradually evolved with his enrolling into college, joining of his political party and the military. Both of which were vital for his desire to perform his twisted experiments. Experiments that were so cruel and brutal he was forced to flee Germany after the war for fear of being put to death …show more content…
As part of his normal practice he did not use and sort of pain numbing agents in any of his procedures. While Dr. Mengele was doing these dissection’s he would often try to remove organs and observe the effects that this would have on the live subjects. (Bulow). Although many Nazi doctors justified Mengele’s experiments as scientifically relevant. But they were no more than a sick psychopath acting out his most hellish desires and fantasies. It was a commonly known fact that Dr. Mengele kept trophies from his experiments. He would keep the eyes from his experiments and pin them on the wall of his office much as one would pin a butterfly to a corkboard to be admired later. Also he had a lampshade which he made with his own two hands which was crafted out the ears of the children he had experimented on. Among other things Mengele often tried gene splicing or genetic alterations on his patients. He would do so be transfusing large amounts of blood or other bodily fluids from one subject to another or subject them to massive amounts of radiation. Other methods included but were not limited to exposure to noxious gases or other types of chemical weapons. Dr. Josef Mengele fled from Auschwitz on January 17th, 1945, as the Soviet army advanced across the crumbling German Reich towards Berlin. During the first few years of the post-war era, Mengele remained in hiding on farm near his

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