Becoming An Anesthesiologist

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Imagine a stranger being rushed into a hospital in critical condition. They are teetering by a thread, and in order to stay alive they need serious medical attention. They are sped into the operating room where a strong team of brilliant minds and gifted hands are waiting to conduct emergency surgery that consequently save the stranger’s life. The hasty actions and precision of the intelligent team gave a stranger their entire life back, but it is not a huge deal because those doctors are adept in performing miraculous procedures like that everyday. They are able to say that they have not only saved someone’s life but that they have saved hundreds of lives. I would love to be a part of such a team. Not exactly being the front surgeon, but still …show more content…
A particularly difficult field of interest is veterinary anesthesia because how difficult the job is; it is a complicated process to apply effective anesthesia to a wide range of species and sizes of animals. The job of an anesthesiologist is not always the same, but they are consulted in meetings and boards to give their opinions on societal and controversial topics in bioethics. Anesthesiologist John Jordan said, “The variety of my job is the most enjoyable part” (Jordan), and that is the reason I would love this occupation also. Anesthesiologists have a great deal of responsibility during procedures, so they must complete a lot of extra schooling and obtain different certifications in order to become an …show more content…
On average there is an additional eight to ten years of post-highschool education candidates must complete. In chronological order, asspiring anesthesiologists must obtain their high school diploma, bachelor 's degree, master 's degree, and medical school graduate degree. Simultaneously or following their postgraduate studies, they must complete internships and residency programs. Then on top of that, they must pass additional exams and become American Board of Anesthesiology certified. By that point in time, they have already learned everything that they need, and they just need to be hired which should not be that hard, because within the next 10 year period, anesthesiologist jobs are prophesied to grow at the fast rate of 23.6 percent. So, once they have gone through the whole process, it is easier to end up with the job, but after getting a job, they must still continue to go to school to stay up to date with the latest advancements in anesthesia. Once they have powered through the arduous process of becoming an anesthesiologist, most individuals are probably deep in student loans and ready to be done with school, but because the medical field is always changing, that is not possible. The upside of the whole process is that the occupation pays so well, so it should not be that hard to pay for extra education or pay off

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