Anesthesia Case Study

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In order to assess if the full effect of anaesthesia has taken effect, the rat’s pedal reflex will be tested. Essentially, after a given period of time (approximately 5-10 minutes) after administration of anesthesia, the foot of the rat will be pinched. If the animal flinches or responds with a sudden jerk, the anesthesia has not fully taken effect and additional time or dosage is required to put the animal under. If there is no response, the animal is ready for surgery.
Approximately 3-5 rats would be necessary to set aside from experimental testing in order to practice handling and performing the surgical incision necessary for proper exposure of the heart. Approximately 20-30 rats will be utilized in experimental testing of the ability of
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If an animal loses depth of anesthesia during the middle of surgery, additional partial dosage of anesthetic will be administered IP. Throughout the duration of the procedure respiratory rate will be monitored by observing the rise and fall of the animal’s chest region. Since rats become unable to regulate body temperature and can become hypothermic when under anesthesia, they must be placed on a heat pad throughout the duration of surgery (Office of Animal Resources IACUC, …show more content…
The anesthetized rat will be placed with the abdomen facing up. The surgical site will be shaved using clippers and the exposed skin will be disinfected with alcohol rubbing wipes. A series of betadine (or iodine) and alcohol washes will occur on the surgical site of the rat in the following order: alcohol, betadine, alcohol, betadine, alcohol, and betadine. Sterile scissors or a scalpel will be used to perform a long incision along the precordium (upper chest) region of the rat. Retractors or spatulas will be used to increase exposure and visibility inside of the incision and to spread the rib cage. The heart will be exposed with retraction of the rib cage, allowing for the isolation of the region upon which the piezoelectric materials will be

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