Anessa Case Study

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Bringing Anessa Sun Care Products to Thailand
I. Introduction:
A. Target Country Overview: Thailand is the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia, with a GDP of around $395 billion in 2015 (The World Bank, 2016). Although the income inequality in Thailand is higher than the global standards, a growing Thai middle class and a rising disposable income per Thai are expected to enhance the country’s total purchase power (Euromonitor Int., 2016, June 10).
B. Brand Description: Anessa is the mid-priced subsidiary of Shiseido, which is a world-famous Japanese cosmetic company and is one of the best cosmetic sellers in Thailand (Shiseido Group, 2015, December 31). Anessa specialized in sun care and its products are varied by formats, SPF level,
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Placing products in convenience stores and supermarket.
1. The low-to-mid income consumer is a significant demographic to aim at when marketing Anessa. Since our brand position is mid-priced cosmetics, we can place Anessa’s products in convenience or grocery stores and supermarkets, where can easily reaching our target consumers.
2. When purchasing sun protections, tourists will consider convenience at first (Euromonitor Int. 2016, April 27). Another aspect key here is that there are rarely department stores around most Thailand’s attractions. Thus, placing Anessa in convenience stores will ensure the tourists are being provided the opportunity to buy the sun protections.
C. Using advertising to emphasis on Anessa’s affordability.
1. Since Anessa is the subsidiary of Shiseido, it is easily for consumers to link our products with high price. Therefore, we can concentrate on advertising - for example, using social media - our cheaper price to attract more low-to-mid income consumers.
VII. Summary: Anessa should take advantage of its potential to expand in Thailand.
A. Anessa, the specialized mass brand in sun care, which uses unique technology to keep skin soft even after exposing to harsh UV rays, has a potential to be profitable in

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