Essay on Andy Warhol : A Famous Artist

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Andy Warhol is considered to be a renowned artist in the late 20th century. The most iconic piece is his ‘Campbell’s Soup Cans’ and was one of the leaders of the pop art movement. He did everything from painting to filmmaking to modeling. Looking at his life from a development psychological standpoint, would he consider to live a successful and meaningful life? By analysing his physical, cognitive, social, psychological development throughout his life, it can be determined if he lived a successful life or not. Andrew Warhola was born on August 6, 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Biography). He was born to Andrej and Julia Warhola, Czechoslovakian immigrants (Andy Warhol). He was the youngest of three children; he has two older brothers (Biography). His mother encouraged his creativity and gave him his first camera when he was nine years old (Andy Warhol). Also, he also had a nervous disorder, which kept him home (Andy Warhol). To occupy his time, he would collect pictures of celebrities and listen to the radio; this influence and fueled his obsession with pop culture and celebrities later in life (Andy Warhol). Andy’s father, Andrej, died in 1942 when Andy was 14 (Andy Warhol). He graduated from high school at the age of 16 (Andy Warhol). It was decided before Andrej died that Andy would go to college because of his artistic talent, and Andrej saved money for his college (Biography). Andy went to Carnegie Institute of Technology (1945-1949) (Biography). He majored and…

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