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Android operating system revolution in mobile technology
Published: 23, March 2015
Android (Operating System) - Revolution in Mobile Technology
Android's mobile operating system is based on the Linux kernel and it is a software stack for mobile devices. This operating system is one of the world's best-selling Smartphone platform.
Android involves many developers writing applications that helps in extended the functionality of the devices. There are currently over 1,50,000 applications available for Android. Android Market is the online application store run by Google, though applications can also be downloaded from third-party sites. Developers write in the Java language.
The unveiling of the Android distribution on 5 November
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The upcoming version of Android is: * Ice Cream Sandwich, a combination of Gingerbread and Honeycomb into a "cohesive whole," with a possible release in mid-2011.
Hardware Running Android
The main supported platform for Android is the ARM (Advanced Risc Machines) architecture.ARM is one of the most licensed and thus widespread processor cores in the world. It is used especially in portable devices due to low power consumption and reasonable performance. Now a days cell phones, note books and tablets, including the Dell Streak, Samsung Galaxy Tab, TV and other devices can use the functionality of Android . HTC Dream was the first phone to run android, released on 22 October 2008.
Current features and specifications: * Bluetooth, edge, 3G , WiFi support. * Camera GPS, accelerometer support. * GSM telephony support. * Integrated browser based on the open source webkit engine * Media support for common audio video, still image formats.
Architecture Diagram
Android architecture has four layers:
1. Application Layer :
Android is one of skillful and modifiable OS because of its many applications.Top 25 applications in the list below * Goggle voice *

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