Android 's Complex And Successful System Essay

822 Words Oct 13th, 2015 4 Pages
Despite Android’s complex and successful system, it has had several flaws in development that need to be addressed. Intrusion detection has been a major factor of consideration as Security evolves to meet a popular demand in privacy. With the popularity of the Android operating system during its early years, an analysis of the system raise Security concerns within the public. With the new mobile markets flooding the industry with popularity, hackers invested in new penetration methods for illegal profit and power. The hackers may abuse certain features of the Android devices such as creating security flaws in the Android operating system, the apps on the Google Play Store, and the contact between the developer and other Android devices. All three of these started out insecure and have put major companies in jeopardy. Android have tried to make big strides to insure that users are secure through various updates and rereleases, but the damage done to public privacy was massive and shouldn’t be repeated.
Smartphones have been growing rapidly with the evolution of technology. One main operating system for Smartphones is Android. There are many benefits to the Android operating system which have made it in popular in demand, and has branded it as one of the great early operating systems of Smartphones. Android was made by the Open-Handset Alliance which was led by Google. The Open-Handset Alliance is a group of companies that collaborate to make innovation within Smartphone…

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