Android Studio Case Study

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1. What are the benefits of creating an app in Android Studio?
Google had launched an innovative platform “Android Studio” in 2013 which is officially considered as the “Integrated Development Environment”. Android Studio is used to create the efficient app with great visual features. It enables the development features and augments the speed of application creation. Let us view top 4 advantages of Android Studio.
 Simple integration: it is really worth if you are using Android tool for creating an efficient applications. Android Studio provides the simple integration and enhances the work flow. Android Studio always offers the better and easy programming experience.
 Great design and distribution:
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In the long run, the help to some OTHER devices and portals began to diminish until the point when they certainly quit being utilized.
 Complete package:
Android Studio offers you the essential things you required to develop and deploy your application before the launching: debuggers, emulators, instructional exercises or a wide documentation to enhance your advancement procedure and increase your opportunity when assembling a project.

2. Is there any app to make money?
Yes, we have numerous apps that make you earn money. Selfieshare is the best app that will offer you $500 for your best selfie. Follow the below steps and grab the money:
Step 1: Download the “Selfieshare app” from the Google play store.
Step 2: Register on this app by providing all you details and make your own profil
Step 3: Take as much as selfies you can. Post and share you best photos and videos and make friends.
Step 4: Get more friends and followers and obtain plenty LIKES for your selfie.
Step 5: Participate in the monthly contest, which Selfieshare is conducting. Upload your best selfies and grab $500 for the selfie with most
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Why does a photo become inverted in a selfie?

5. Why are iPhone selfies mirrored?
There exists numerous reasons and we have already known them.
 People love to take selfies, however, it will never reflect all your features. For example, if you really want to show your beautiful outfit, then it is only possible through mirrored selfie irrespective what phone you use.
 Iphone is the costliest smartphone and howoever, in numerous nations, the user of iOS will be less in number whe compared to Android user. Therefore, it’s better to tell individuals that you have an iphone. However, people always feel proud to say that they own iPhone.
 Next, it is just following the copy paste concept. When our favourite celebrities take the mirror selfies, then the trend will be followed by the people.

6. Why do people pout during taking selfies?
Pouting can also be called as “Duck Face”. This expression will always be given by the younger women below 30. Girls give this pose just to look Sexy and gorgeous. However, the truth is they look awkward with that duck face. When girl want to really look sexy, they need to do is not to pout too much, rather they can give a cute smile. Moreover, if girls really want to pout they must have control on their expression and can give a small pout lips. This will make them look truly beautiful and cute. Another reason behind this pout lips or duck face is they want to pecks of kisses visually through social media. They want to expose their beauty of

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