Andrew Wyeth 's Painting : Christina 's World Essay

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In this paper, American artist Andrew Wyeth’s painting “Christina’s World” will be discussed and analyzed in an attempt to understand the meaning behind his artwork. Christina’s World features the back of a young woman laying in the fields, staring out at a building in the distance.The painting was initially displayed at the Macbeth Gallery, located in Manhattan after its completion in 1948, but had yet to receive attention from people around the world. The painting became more well-known after Alfred Barr, the director of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) , purchased the painting and opened an exhibit for Christina’s World in MoMA. After being well publicized, the painting quickly became the topic for discussion where people were trying to figure out Wyeth’s intentions behind this “mysterious” painting. To some, this painting may seem like a simple artwork of a young woman staring into the distance, but Wyeth also incorporates a deeper meaning of the society in that era and his perception of persistent and strong-willed women during the time period, like Christina, who is featured in the painting. Wyeth’s Christina’s World not only brought awareness of the health conditions back in the 1940s, scientists today are also using this artwork as a framework to diagnose Christina’s illness. The person of focus in Christina’s World is Christina Olson, whom Wyeth met through his wife Betsy James Wyeth when they lived in Maine. From what research shows, Christina seems to be…

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