Andrew Jackson 's Policy Of Removing The Native Americans Essay

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Indian Policy
Andrew Jackson’s policy of removing the Native Americans impacted the lives of many Native Americans and claimed thousands of their lives as well. To this day, this brutal policy is well known for its awful background and role it played upon civilizing the Native Americans. This policy is important since it significantly reveals how desperately they wanted more land. By pushing the Native Americans west of the Mississippi River, it showed that they would take a desperate action just to get what they most desired. Taking advantage of the Native Americans, the Jackson Administration’s decision to remove the Cherokee Indians to lands west of the Mississippi River in the 1830’s continued the economic policies but significantly changed the social and political policies pursued by the United States towards the tribes.
The white American social attitude towards the Cherokees significantly changed during the Jackson Administration; allowing them to live on the same land as their own, but were forced to move to the west of the Mississippi from the U.S. during the Jackson Administration. As soon as the Cherokees were being assimilated, the U.S. realized how remarkably, “The cherokee exhibit a more favorable appearance than any other tribe of Indians” (John C. Calhoun. 1820). In other words, since the Cherokee were “exhibiting a more favorable appearance” to the Americans, they find that they were becoming more sophisticated. Likewise, with making the Cherokees change…

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