Andrew Jackson 's Influence On Native American Culture Essay

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Throughout his life, Andrew Jackson had many interactions with Native American. Most of these interactions proved to be hugely detrimental to Native American culture. So many of Jackson’s most renowned feats were at the expense of the Native Americans; Jackson displaced, abused and refused to protect Native American. And despite being a prominent historical figure, and leader of the American nation, Jackson refused Native Americans their basic rights and protections by defying federal laws and Supreme Court rulings. Andrew Jackson’s mistreatment of Native Americans started long before he became a relevant American figure. From when he first started in the military he worked to displace Native Americans. And when he became personally responsible for the wellbeing and protection of the American people, he refused to adhere to federal laws and supreme court rulings which grant protection to the Native American people. He continued to afflict the Native American people by passing legislation that completely defiled their culture and resulted in mass deaths. Andrew Jackson completely mistreated and abused Native Americans in many ways, none of which were justified.

Jackson had been persecuting Native Americans long before he became a prominent american figure. In 1814, during his military career, Jackson commanded a regiment of troops that defeated a faction of the Creek Nation, causing the Creeks to lose more that 22 million acres of land in southern Georgia and central…

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