Andrew Jackson 's Influence On America Essay

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7th president of the United States of America, the face of the $20 bill, a war hero, a charismatic man, and a man who wanted to eliminate the Indian race. These are some things that the “admirable” and controversial Andrew Jackson was known for. Andrew Jackson was a president that has and still is heavily analyzed by historians because his impact on America for better or worse. To some, many may think Andrew Jackson is one of the greatest presidents ever. Nevertheless , there are mixed views on whether Andrew Jackson was an “influential” president in today’s view. Jackson had different views that didn’t strictly lean to the left or the right. Furthermore, which results in heavy dispute if Jackson was the ideal conservative or liberal in today’s context. Obviously, he’s a “liberal nightmare” when it comes to his treatment of Native Americans and the fact that he was a slaveholder. Yet, he wanted to prevent “the rise of a small elite monied men who enjoyed disproportional political power” which is a liberal view in today’s context. Out of many opinions about Andrew Jackson, one book displays a non-biased and well written account of Andrew Jackson’s life. That book is Andrew Jackson. In Andrew Jackson by Sean Wilentz, Wilentz writes a concise yet informative timeline of Andrew Jackson and his impact on American culture. Before Andrew Jackson during the extent of his political career, his childhood has to be taken into account. Jackson was born in 1767. Immigrants from…

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