Andrew Jackson 's Indian Removal Policy Essay

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White Americans often found Native Americans as unfamiliar individuals who occupied land to which the white settlers believed they deserved. America was introduced to an “Indian problem” in which needed to be solved before a crisis occurred. President George Washington believed the answer to America’s “Indian Problem” was to civilize the tribes. This theory indicated a goal in which Native Americans would become as close to white Americans as possible by learning how to read and speak English, converting to Christianity, as well as adopt European economic practices. However, most white settlers did not care about how “civilized” the Native Americans were, but rather yearned for their prestigious land and would do anything to take that over. The Trial of Tears was an unjust and morally wrong tragedy which took place from 1838 to 1839 in which thousands of Native Americans were forced to leave their homes. This occurred even after it was posed as a non-threat and adopted the civilized way of life by English settlers, due to Andrew Jackson’s Indian removal policy.

Andrew Jackson was a longtime supporter for what the Americans termed “Indian removal.” Nonetheless, once he became president he was able to finally sign the Indian Removal Act. This act gave the federal government the ability to trade the Native American land east of the Mississippi River for the land that was located to the west. The White settlers wanted the Native-held land as they had realized it was…

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