Essay about Andrew Jackson Was A Great President

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In November of 1828, Andrew Jackson was elected as the seventh president

of the United States.1 He married to Rachel. Andrew Jackson was a great president.

He becomes a strong leaders, make the rights choice and he does good things for the

people.2 Andrew Jackson was a good president because he did a greats things such

as revolutionizing presidential camping. That he became the first modern president

and he used his powers to veto the bills that he saw harmful.3 Some people thought

that Andrew Jackson was a terrible president because he enforced Indian removal

and that he abused his power to veto in an effort to scare people and take more

control over the congress. Andrew Jackson is considers knows as good presidents

because he a lot of good things for the United State at the same time he did some

unjust things.4 All good things about Andrew Jackson that he becomes a good father

for the United State and appealed to people. He also helped prevent an early Civil

War. In the 1830s South Carolina nullified a federal law and threatened to secede

from the Union because of high tariffs. Jackson was a strong supporter of the Union,

influence that would be important to its cause in the Civil War 30 years later. He

wanted to send a large force into the state. Andrew Jackson prepared a modest force

just in case while Congress worked out a compromise tariff.

Andrew Jackson was elected by popular vote, as president he sought to act as

a beacon for the…

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