Andrew Jackson : The Second President Of The United States Of America

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Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States of America, he served two terms as a Democratic Republican from 1829-1837. The entire Jackson campaign not only started up revolutionary political election tactics such as rallies, parades, and lavish dinners that supporters paid for, but it also sparked up a whole new era of mass democracy, and gave birth to the political party that we now know as the “Democrats”. Mr. Jackson considered himself, a president for the people, with a strong personal stance on a capitalist democracy, he was a forceful leader not afraid to use his veto vote when he felt passionate about a certain issue. When it came to domestic policy Jackson was a very proud man, who some say let his personal views influence his decision making during his presidency. Personally, he did not believe that slavery was a moral evil, and was well known as one of the largest slave holders, with over 150 slaves he found the entire ordeal “American”, and prideful. He believed that abolitionist would be the downfall of this country, even proposed laws to congress halting printing presses from publishing literature containing anything of the sense that was considered bad mouthing slavery, or encouraging slaves to go North in search for freedom. It was no surprise that he felt Native Americans were inferior, and favored the removal of them to lands beyond the Mississippi, the Indian Removal act of 1830 authorized the government to set aside land to those Indians…

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