Essay on Andrew Jackson, The Man Who Set Out Plans

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Andrew Jackson, the man who set out plans that would usually send men floundering in panic, became a war hero during the War of 1812, shattered the Second Bank of the United States, removed national debt, and dominated over the Supreme Court. Historian and author, Matthew Warshauer of Andrew Jackson and the Politics of Martial Law, Nationalism, Civil Liberties and Partisanship claims that then Major General Andrew Jackson believed it was crucial to declare “martial law and suspend the writ of habeas corpus” in order to win the battle of New Orleans. However, as Washauer claims, by doing so, Andrew Jackson became the first American general to suspend civil liberties.
Through this monograph, Washauer tells the tale of Andrew Jackson’s use of martial law and the controversies that continued to follow him through his presidency. He begins by examining the American during the second year of the War of 1812. Through present day Canada, Washauer writes, British forces continued to advance south. Major General Jackson taking note of these advancements ready his troops and to protect from a southern invasion through the port of New Orleans. Major General Andrew Jackson; a proven military leader of the Tennessee to Major General of the Federal Army, followed orders from President James Madison to return to New Orleans and protect the port from invasion. With four-thousand men, mostly a band of misfits, he fought off a British invasion. Major General Jackson’s band of…

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