Essay about Andrew Jackson And The American Paradox

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“Fearless, principled, and damaged, Andrew Jackson was one of the fiercest and most controversial men ever to serve as president of the United States” (Wilentz 2). According to Sean Wilentz, he actually “came to be regarded, for better or worse, as the embodiment of the democratic idea” (8). This is inherently true as Jackson himself personified the American Paradox, wherein the country openly participated in the enslaving of millions while touting their democracy and the inalienable human rights. Andrew Jackson stood as one of the better examples of this positive and negative type of democracy, with every aspect of his person showing off the products of said paradox: A humble upbringing, strong military career, successful plantation, and his eventual presidency. Putting these accomplishments alongside the near constant displays bravado, entering enemy territories against orders, and the genocide he wrought indigenous peoples allows us to see just how contradictory democracy was in the U.S. during the Antebellum era of our history.
Andrew Jackson’s family was actually of the lower working class, thus making Jackson the first American president who came from anything but the highest echelon of society. Wilentz comments on the fact that Andrew Jackson 's democratic spirit comes from his childhood, wherein he experienced firsthand the tyranny of living under an oppressive monarchy (9). He was even left with a deep laceration on the back of his head, an aspect of his body that…

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