Compare And Contrast The Actions Of Andrew Jackson Dbq

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Throughout history Native Americans have had problems with the American government and land. Andrew Jackson was not a big fan of letting the Indians keep land that interfered with the American expansion plan. The Natives thought that nobody could own land and were surprised it was being taken and they were moved. Although the Native Americans believed nobody could own land they seemed to be very angry when they were moved away from it. The natives claimed that land was sacred and cannot be owned by man and his ancestors. This does not justify Andrew Jackson’s soldiers coming and killing the tribes and people who refused to move. The native perspective Andrew Jackson was a tyrant who had violated the sacred rules and wanted to change their …show more content…
Andrew Jackson saw the Removal Act as a way of helping the so called “Native savages”, and make them happy so they would not have to wander anymore, but the natives became more unhappy.Chief John Ross claims “ Our property may be plundered before our own eyes’ violence may be committed on our persons; even our lives may be taken away; and there is none to regard our complaints.”(Document J). President Jackson also claims that the land should belong to Americans anyway because the Natives would just spread their savage ways to the white people of America and ruin their society. Hence the line “ Established in midst of another and another superior race, and without appreciating the causes of their inferiority…”.(Document F) Therefore he said we have the right to move them, because they are going to pollute our society. Although some Natives went peacefully Andrew Jackson forced his “help” onto the Native Americans by attacking and gathering up those who would not relocate. He addressed the issue by stating “ It is certain, however, that delay will bring with it accumulated evils which will render their condition more and more unpleasant.” (Document

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