Andrew Jackson And His Influence On America Essay

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Known as King Mob, The Hero of New Orleans, and Old Hickory, Andrew Jackson served as the Seventh President of the United States of America for two terms from March 4, 1829 to March 4, 1837. Jackson also is known for as of being the face of the $20 dollar bill for U.S. currency, and had been on the $20 dollar bill since 1928. Throughout his presidency, Andrew Jackson is considered to be one of the most influential presidents, ever since the United States of America was founded in 1776 we as a country we have more and more progressively improved the shape and from of our own country ever since Andrew Jackson took office.

One of the aspects of Jackson’s presidency that made him such a influence on America is the Democratic Party. The United States presidential election of 1828, Andrew Jackson created the Democratic Party to run up against his rival John Quincy Adams who is a National Republican and beat Jackson in the previous election in 1824. Andrew Jackson swept into office by the male white voters who saw Jackson as “the embodiment of the American dream”(American Vision, Page . Jackson is held accountable for the creation of Jacksonian Democracy. This is known as a government for the people and is run by the people. One of the first things Jacksons did as president was expanding the voting rights for all white males in America, this was known as universal suffrage. Jackson was one of the first presidents to give voting rights to all white males which gave it a domino…

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