Andrew Has Been My Best Friend Essay

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For the past 16 years, my little brother, Andrew, has been my best friend. Although we’ve been through the typical brother-sister bickering, he’s one of the only people in my life that’s been consistent. He’s not necessarily the most affectionate person, but he’s always been my shoulder to lean on, even if he doesn’t quite understand why I’m upset. He’s a man of few words, but he always shows you know how much he cares through his actions.
When we were younger, it was a constant competition whether or not he was taller than me. However, I lost about 3 years ago when he went through his growth spurt and now towers over me. Even though we’re related, we look nothing alike. Andrew has bright green eyes and a few freckles sprinkled across the bridge of his nose. He’s very athletic and is outside 99% of the time.
The main reason why I look up to Andrew so much is because of his drive and motivation. The two of us are like polar opposites, he’s much better at sports and I’m much better in school. I’ve never really had to spend a lot of time doing my homework or studying for a test to get a good grade. Andrew on the other hand, doesn’t have it as easy. He’ll spend time after school with his teachers and hours at home studying just to end up getting a B or a C.
When we were little, we both went to the same private grade school, which was called Nativity. Although he doesn’t have a speech problem anymore, he did back then. So during his classes, they would excuse him so that he…

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