Essay about Andrew Carnegie On The Gilded Age

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Andrew Carnegie was one of the smartest and richest men during the Gilded Age. The Gilded Age was mainly focused on factories and textiles. He was able to found his company called American Steel and he was able to generate all of his money from that. Andrew Carnegie was living the American Dream. However, he earned his money from hard working laborers making little to no money a day. Even though many people thought he was such a good person because he donated all of his money at the end of his life, all of his workers were struggling to survive every day off of the pay that Carnegie was paying his workers. Also, Carnegie was pretty much Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism meant that the weak stayed weak and the strong stayed strong. Carnegie was not a hero because he abused his workers, he did whatever he needed to for his business to grow, and his personal greed grew to the downfall of Carnegie being a hero. Andrew Carnegie was nicer than most of the other successful business owners but he was still not the nicest towards his workers. Carnegie paid his workers $1.81 a day for 10 hours a day. Even though this is somewhat good for during the Gilded Age, Carnegie was making $92,000 a day. Carnegie didn’t even bother to give the workers a raise even though he was making that much money (Document I). Carnegie also had trouble with his workers striking during his career. Carnegie refused to listen to what the workers wanted to say and he brought in temporary workers until the…

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