Andrew Carnegie And The American Dream Of Becoming Successful

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There once was a boy who lived in Scotland. The boys parents eventually made the courageous decision to journey across the Atlantic ocean to America. One might ask why they would move away from everything they once knew to start over again in a different culture. The answer was simply to make a better life for their family, with that decision being made, the boy immigrated to America. This is the true story of Andrew Carnegie, a famous philanthropist, who, like many others, succeeded in carrying out the American dream of becoming successful. Immigrants similar to the Carnegie family were driven to America because it is a well developed and civilized nation. The United States of America is civilized because it is advanced socially, culturally, and morally.

In order to demonstrate that America is civilized, first one must interpret what it means to be civilized. A definition of civilized may be to “…bring (a place or people) to a stage of social, cultural, and moral development considered to be more advanced”.1 In other words, a civilized society is one that is organized, has social behavior, and recognizes the difference between what is right and wrong. Is America advanced socially? In terms of social issues, America is innovative. As a nation, the citizens are very progressive. They fight for their rights, and make changes in government. For example, the legalization of same sex marriage was recently passed in the United States. This was huge for…

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