Andrew Carnegie : A Controversial Influence Essay

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As we all know, history is something that we can learn and grow from, basically because it is something we can use as an example to repeat or not to repeat so we do not make the same mistakes again. That is the best thing about history, because we can grow from the past in order to make for a better tomorrow, something I believe Andrew Carnegie did. Although Andrew Carnegie was a very controversial influence in this time period, there are always several sides to every story. Andrew Carnegie was a very wealthy and influential man to many people during this time period, while on the other hand he was called a robber baron, which suggested he only did what he did to treat himself, not others (Hewitt and Lawson 493). Andrew Carnegie, “eventually founded the greatest steel company in the world and eventually became one of the wealthiest men on his time” (Hewitt and Lawson 493). My intake on successfulness lies within yourself. For example, a person needs to do whatever they can to make themselves rich or on the wealthier scale, fairly of course. Sometimes when you try to become successful, it can bring others down in which cause Andrew Carnegie was famous or controversially infamous for. Andrew Carnegie started from nothing, and made himself into something, which is where I believe the people of this time became jealous of his growth and wealth that they could not have this power. The people of this time period should have accepted Andrew Carnegies views because he started out…

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