Andrew Barton Paterson : A Free Spirit Essay

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Andrew Barton Paterson was a free spirit iconic to Australia. Paterson was born near Orange in 1864 in the country side. When he was five they moved to Yass into a property inherited from his uncle. Paterson spent most of his childhood on his farm and loved to watch the drovers on horseback make their way around the Murrimbidgee and Snowy Mountains. When Paterson was able to ride a horse he began going to the local school where he learnt about pioneering stories from others, until he was ten and was sent off the Sydney Grammar School.
Paterson achieved well academically and became a lawyer for a firm in Sydney. Paterson missed his early life of the horses and bush life. He began to reflect on his love for the bush and characters he met their in his poetry. He began to send his poetry for it to be published in The Bulletin, an Australian news magazine, under the pseudonym of “Banjo”, his favourite horse. Paterson is well known for establishing the romanticized view of country life, the figure of the drover and that Bushmen are national heroes.
Clancy of the Overflow was written by Paterson in 1889. Now 100 years later it is still relevant. The main theme is about how much better life in the country side is compared to the city. The poem is based on the true story where Paterson wrote a letter to the drover Clancy, only to receive the reply: "Clancy 's gone to Queensland droving and we don 't know where he are" written using a “thumbnail dipped in tar”. This letter inspired…

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