Cinematic Techniques

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an omniscient narrator. But in a film, the scheme of things changes and the narration can be done in many different ways. The cinematic techniques can be used creatively and effectively to become sources of narration. In The Old Man and the Sea (Sturges) and Samskara (Reddy), the filmmakers have resorted to flashback sequences as tools of narration. Both the film adaptations have rather linear plots, which are very similar to the original novels. But with the change in the medium of expression, the technique of narration too changes. A very interesting and to the point statement made by Christian Metz has been highlighted in McFarlane’s Novel To Films, “Films tells us continuous stories; it “says’ things that could be conveyed also in the language …show more content…
Though there are many theatrical productions of the same, surprisingly cinematic adaptations are scarce. Many literary purists might be happy upon knowing that no full length feature film has yet been made on The Metamorphosis. But the one that stands out clearly is a short film made by Carlos Atanes. It is approximately 29 minutes in length and has English subtitles. For the most part the story is similar to the original version but there are a few changes. This film is based during the time period of World War II. There is a scene where two Nazis show up at the Samsa house. This is an added input to the film. The original story has it that Gregor hides in his bedroom when he is transformed into an insect. But in the film, he hides in the large dim lit …show more content…
While Atanes’ approach is more grotesque and one can find it grim and obnoxious at times, Capaldi’s work comes across as bizarre.
After all narration is the tool used to make stories and tell them to the world and everyone would have a different way of telling stories. Moreover narrations are largely defined by social, historical and cultural contexts. Thus each writer whose novel we have selected to study would have a different technique of narration and so would the narrative techniques of all the films be different. The use of narration is very interesting in each and every novel and its adaptive film.
Through this study, one can safely say that a narrative film opens with a story it wants to tell. But in order to tell this story, the film has to be made and for the film to be actualised, a set must be constructed, actors must be hired and other tools for filming must be procured such as the camera, the microphones, the lights and the post production tools as

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