Essay on And Neoliberal Capitalism ( Thornton )

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nism (Pieper) and neoliberal capitalism (Thornton). In an effort to curb the spread the spread of communism in Latin America, the US supported brutal dictatorships that opposed socialist and communist values. The US was afraid of a Latin American communist state emerging so close to US borders (McConnell). Fidel Castro’s regime in Cuba is the quintessential example of US’s fears on Latin American communism. After Fulgencio Batista’s pro-American dictatorship was disposed by Castro, Cuba was declared a communist state upon strengthening economic relations with the USSR when the US imposed an embargo on Cuban trade (McConnell; Pieper). Due to Cuba’s precedent, the US justified its intervention in Latin America and sent covert military aid through the CIA to overthrow any leftist governments and replace them with anti-communist regimes. According to Pieper, the democratically-elected socialist president of Chile, Salvador Allende, found disfavor from the CIA for its leftist agenda, which involved “social justice and economic redistribution”, and in 1973, a US-backed military coup ousted and murdered Allende. In his place, the US supported the rise of Augusto Pinochet’s anti-communist dictatorship, which reversed all of Allende’s reforms and used torture and mass incarcerations to stifle political dissent (Pieper). In Guatemala, Jacobo Arbenz Guzman led a constitutional government that also made reforms, including the enactment of minimum wage and utilizing unused land owned by…

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