Three Strongest Words Poem Analysis

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Three Strongest Words

I really enjoyed the poem, Three Strongest Words. I liked this poem because though the poem was very short, it also was very deep and left me thinking about each word the author described. For instance, when the author wrote about the word silence, saying as soon as you say the word you destroy it I had to stop, and think what she meant. This poem also made me very confused because of the way the author presented the poem. For example, when she described someone speaking the word future, she said the first syllable is in the past. This has a deep meaning and left me bewildered for a few moments. In conclusion, this was an excellent poem, though also quite perplexing.


This poem deals with the issue of racial
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This poem explains the beautiful scenery in great detail. For example, she describes the plains as, "... a wide green carpet", and "...full of sugar cane and rice" which gives the reader a visualization of what she is attempting to portray the plains as.
Figures of Speech - An example of figure of speech in this poem is personification. Personification is used in this poem to describe the landscape. For example, the author describes the waters as laughing. Another instance where the author uses personification is when she writes, "this sweetness of mountains, valleys, rivers, and plains" those these features are inanimate objects, and thus provide an example of personification.
Line Division - The author of this poem uses line division to emphasize a certain phrase. At the start of each stanza she writes, "And I remember" and in the line she puts a verb. This is a very effective use of line division because it sets off a strong image of her performing that action in the setting she describes at the end of the stanza. She also uses line division in the last stanza to emphasize each of the landforms she describes by putting them each in a separate

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