Essay On The Golden Age

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The Golden Age of Rome was a period of harmony and prosperity, this was the era where Rome became the most powerful city in the world. The Golden Age, also known as the ‘Pox Romania’ meaning Roman Peace, had an empire that functioned very satisfactorily. This was because there were four significant emperors in charge during this era. The emperors were Trajan, Hadrian, Antonius Pius, and Marcus Aurelius. Within Ancient Rome, there was no such title as “emperor”. Instead, they had various amount of titles for emperors; such as imperator(commander), augustus(venerable), princeps(1st senator), and caesar. The first emperor was Trajan, he reigned from 98-117 A.D. He was said to be the greatest and most successful emperor after Augustus. Trajan was the first ever-roman emperor that was not from Italy because of his Spanish regions. He accomplished a lot during his reign, roads were renovated, bridges were built, and so was provisions for the poor(the alimenta). Although he still had his flaws — he was said to consume too …show more content…
Water was brought to public baths with aqueducts, which was the roman waterway system that also brought water into private homes. It was a place to relax and meet up with friends. It also includes props for exercising, and sometimes there would be a library nearby. Romans didn’t use soap, they had a cleansing massage that would help scrape off all the dirt and cleanse the body. These baths were found in every neighborhood.

Roads and Aqueducts were also a big part of the Golden Age. The roads connected all parts of the Roman Empire to the regional centers. They were also used to march quickly from place to place, to transport goods, travel around the empire, and it maintains stability of the empire. Another thing that played a major role during the Golden Age was their religion. They worshipped classical gods and past emperors, they also believed in animal

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