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Theater Theater in ancient rome would range from festivals, nude dancing and acrobatics. Theater for Romans at the time was for honoring the gods on religious days. But since there were “over 200 religious days every year,” according to, you could watch a performance almost every day!
The theater was first recorded in rome around 300-400 BC along with a performance by Etruscans. The actors did get paid though. Since they got paid, wealthy nobles would typically pay for the actors wage and the regular fees for the play.
Did you know that to enlarge realisticness when a character died in a performance, they would have a slave play that part and actually kill them?

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"Rich Roman vs. Poor Roman Life." April 11, 2014.

Ancient Rome

Trevor Clark 2B
Ancient Rome was located on the far West side of the Italian Peninsula. Did you know that the Italian Peninsula is shaped like a leg with a cowboy boot on it?
Most of the land in in Rome has mountains. Of the land that doesn’t have mountains, a lot of it has hills. People have built cities on top of these hills for protection against rivals.
However, there are also several rivers throughout Italy. Romans would build next to the rivers for the plentiful water supply.
Rome’s climate was warm and humid, which made for good farming, but then around the 200’s AD the weather got cooler. The change in weather made it harder to heat houses and farm, and eventually forced the Romans to move south.

Religion The ancient Romans has had a polytheistic religion from the beginning. Mars, the god of war, was supposedly the father of Romulus and remus. Then there was Quirinus, who was a deceased Romulus, watched over the city of Rome, and also Jupiter, the king of gods.
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The patricians would put a lot of time into education and buy meat and expensive food, while the plebeians would just learn how to read and write and eat their own crops as they couldn’t afford anything.
The roman world was made of almost entirely farmers. Of those farmers, most of them had to rent their land from richer landowners. The farmers used the money from crops to buy clothes, furniture, baskets, glass, and animals to sacrifice to the gods. Traders in rome wouldn't just sell locally though, they would sell all over the mediterranean sea from egypt, africa, and even syria!
Ancient rome literature was one of many great achievements that the romans possessed. Many great authors are from ancient rome, including Virgil, who wrote the Aeneid, which was about the founding of Rome. another great author was ovid, who would write poems based on roman mythology. In addition, Roman authors would write dramas/plays/speeches that are still read today! Also, you can't forget about their language, which america uses about 90-ish% latin roots. (which are roman) there is also the roman architecture, possibly there best

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