Ancient Persian Society Sample Answers Essay

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Kings Reigns
Cyrus: 560-530 BC
Darius: 522-486 BC
Xerxes: 486-465 BC
Artaxerxes: 465-425 BC

What was Susa?
Susa was originally the capital of Elam, located in a fertile agricultural area. Darius I is credited with transforming the city into the administrative capital for the Persian kings. It was accessible to Babylon, Ecbatana and the eastern parts of the empire.

Identify three Royal Palaces in this period
Susa, Pasargadae and Persepolis

Who or what was Bel Marduk?
Bel Marduk was the principal Babylonian God at the time of the conquest of Babylon by Cyrus the Great. Bel Marduk is honored in Babylon for bringing order to the cosmos, creating humankind and defending all other Gods against a usurper.

What is meant
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Tribute and taxes bought to the king such as silver, gold and other finery were stored in treasuries and recorded on treasury tablets. Other gifts from vassal states and subject people were also safely stored in these buildings.

What was Persepolis?
Persepolis was the principal site of the Persian empire and thrived around 518-331 BC. It is identified by Olmsted as the ‘ceremonial capital’. Darius’ foundation inscription identifies him as the founder, dating about 518 BC. It confirms the importance of buildings as a feature of kingship as it is a showpiece of the empire with magnificent palaces and audience halls. It was also a representation of the might and wealth of Achaemenid kings. The buildings are also evidence of the propaganda purpose in representing the great kings and justifying their right to rule. Persepolis was the centre of record keeping for administrative matters and contained the empires treasury. Persepolis was eventually destroyed by Alexander the Great in 330 BC.
Darius: prepared the terrace, built monumental staircase leading to terrace top, began the treasury, constructed his palace and began the Apadana.
Xerxes: finished the Apadana, built the gateway of all lands, built his palace, began the hall of 100 columns, built the Harem and the Triply and completed most of the treasury.
Artaxerxes: Completed hall of 100 columns and started the unfinished second gateway leading to the

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