Ancient Mesopotamia And Ancient Civilizations Essay

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From the ancient stories of the past, to new architecture being found, to the information historians find every day; ancient history continues to be the building blocks for the modern world. Ancient history shows evidence of how civilizations formed, how communities were built based from geography, and how languages developed when building a functional society.
During the different ages of ancient times, some ancient civilizations had similarities while still possessing many different characteristics. Although in different geographical areas, Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt held both different and similar qualities when it came to religion, water as a natural resource, and forms of architecture.
Water is a natural resource that is vital for a human to survive, never mind a civilization. Ancient Mesopotamia is also known as “the land between waters.” Mesopotamia sat between the Tigris and Euphrates River. However, the Mesopotamians had to learn to adapt to their environment, for the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers would flood in the late summers, a time when crops are about to be ready for harvest, and would wash away settler’s homes. In Hammurabi’s Code, Hammurabi mentions how the floods could be disastrous for his people. When the first settlers came along, they dug irrigation tunnels from the rivers to their fields to begin the process of agriculture. With a water system working for the people, and a surplus of food being grown, Mesopotamia’s population began to…

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