Ancient Greeks And The Civil Law Code Essay

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History of Western Civilization laid the stepping stones for our society today. Without the knowledge, and inspiration of our Roman and Greek emperors we as a government would cease to exist. Politics, Law, and Philosophy three of the strongest principles of our ancient rulers are still utilized today. Ancient Greeks familiarized us to the Democratic Party. Athens assisted as the headquarters for democratic ideas and the civil law code. Draco who was elected as the first archon in 594 BC was in command of the military while providing political changes throughout Greece. It wasn’t until 510 BC when Cleisthenes presented intense modifications to create democracy as part of the government for the first time. His plan was to diminish aristocracy, and eradicate monetary changes. Athenian democracy was introduced due to the continuous restructuring. Athenian democracy allowed residents ages 30 or over to partake in governing the country. Although the main advantage of this new democracy meant that the Archons were elected by the people annually. On the other hand Rome’s leading body were the Republicans. Etruscans ruled over the Roman Empire for many years. It wasn’t until 509 B.C.E. when the Romans dethroned Etruscan and established a republic party where the citizens were allowed to designate an individual to instruct on their behalf which formed the senate. Men and women were both considered citizens of the Roman republic, but women could not vote. Rome influenced…

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