Ancient Greek Culture And Learning About Their Religious Gods And Dieties

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The Ancient Greeks Ancient Greek history starts around 2000 BCE and with the arrival of Indo-European settlers in the Aegean Rim. These are the settlers that the Ancient Greeks take for their ancestors. The Ancient Greeks have a deep and expansive history. The Greeks rose from individual settlers to developing entire armies and colonies. Ancient Greeks also developed some of the first philosophers and saw a deep passion for the arts and humanities. It was the Ancient Greeks who founded the powerful cities of Sparta, Athens, and Miletus. The history of Ancient Greece is long and prosperous, and is one of the most fascinating times in history to study. This topic is interesting to me because I have always enjoyed the Ancient Greek military culture and learning about their religious Gods and dieties. I believe one should learn about this culture because it set a foundation in philophy, humanities, and government. Even our culture today has remnants of the Greek 's culture. This research paper will include the history of the development of Ancient Greece and how they came to be a successful civilization, along with highlighting some important major cities and the Ancient Greek culture that developed from them. The first settlers that came to Ancient Greece had widespread origins, but were still able to be brought together through a “sense of cultural unity” (99). These peoples began to associate each other with a single culture: The Hellenes. Those settlers…

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