Ancient Greek Contributions To Western Civilization

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History of Western Civilization laid the stepping stones for our society today. Without the knowledge, and inspiration of our Roman and Greek emperors we as a government would cease to exist. Politics, Law, and Philosophy three of the strongest principles of our ancient rulers are still utilized today. Ancient Greeks familiarized us to the Democratic Party. Athens assisted as the headquarters for democratic ideas and the civil law code. Draco who was elected as the first archon in 594 BC was in command of the military while providing political changes throughout Greece. It wasn’t until 510 BC when Cleisthenes presented intense modifications to create democracy as part of the government for the first time. His plan was to diminish aristocracy, …show more content…
The Ancients Greeks fixated on motive and analysis. Inspiration from Hellenistic philosophers and ancient Greeks inspired our modern sciences and technology we utilize today. Socrates a Greek philosopher contributed his knowledge of ethics, Socratic irony, Epistemology and logic. While also influencing two other philosophers Aristotle and Plato. Plato is well known for composing numerous philosophical dialogues. While also providing synoptic understandings of ethics, reason, knowledge, metaphysics, and human life. Aristotle established the scientific method. His work consisted of Physics, Ethics, Metaphysics, and Politics, just to name a few. As for Roman philosophy it didn’t exist until around 200 BC. Lucretius was Rome’s first philosopher. Lucretius and Cicero were both known to be very disbeliever philosophers. Cicero believed in asking questions regarding facts you may have heard about. Cicero believed by men studying philosophy it would teach them to make better decisions, and become better logical thinkers. Seneca thought men should not focus on unimportant aspects of life, but to spend their time wisely to improve the world, and to improve their mind by the reading of philosophy. Although Rome had their well-known philosophers they were not as educated, and advanced as the Greek philosophers. Romans were unaware of philosophy until 50 BC were they heard of Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates.
History of Western Civilization has impacted our society today, and will continue to impact us for many years to come. Without the existence of ancient Rome and ancient Greece, and the experiences they dealt with us as a society would not have the rules set in place by our government or yet may not even have a government. The education we are provided in school, should be contributed to the great philosophers of ancient

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