Ancient Greek Art And Everyday Life Essay

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April Livingston
Prehistoric to Renaissance
October 30, 2014

ANCIENT GREEK ART and EVERYDAY LIFE The stories of culture can be told in ancient Greek art. Daily life as a Greek is displayed on clay vases, via sculptured figures, written in epic poetry, and found present in archaeological remains and surviving theatrical plays. By investigating Greek art, the everyday life and culture with the integration of education, democracy, religion, sportsmanship, and patriotism aids in our understanding of ancient Greece. Likewise, the consideration of cultural facets must be implemented in order for a thorough analysis of the ancient Greek artistic work (“Ancient Greek Art Lesson”).
Clay vases decorated with images provide an encyclopedia of information on ancient Greek life and culture, which included sportsmanship, commerce, and industry (“Ancient Greek Art Lesson”). A recreational aspect of the Greeks can be seen on the famous amphora vase where Achilles and Ajax are playing “Pettteia” checkers. The current game backgammon is derived from this ancient Greek version of checkers (“Ancient Greek Everyday Life”).
The amphora (am meaning “two [or both] handles” and phora meaning “to carry”) was a common type of vase used by the ancient Greeks for holding wine, water, olives, and grain (“Ancient Greek Art Lesson”). The usage of the vases and the scenes of everyday life depicted on the vases tells much about their culture. Monumental kraters, vases that were used for mixing…

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