Ancient Greek Architecture And Its Impact On The World Today Essay

731 Words Mar 14th, 2016 3 Pages
Zoe Becker Global Period 3 3/10/16

Throughout history there have been millions of inventions that are still used in today’s times. Many inventions have been reincorporated into life now. There were many ancient civilizations that have made history, but there was one main society that had a great impact. For most of us, architecture is easy to take for granted. It is everywhere in our daily lives. Ancient Greek architecture continues to be a major influence throughout the world today. Ancient Greece was a very interesting time. The architecture was not only useful, but admired by many. Greeks created a wonderful and lasting legacy of architecture. The columns were carved with leaves and flowers, scenes of battles, and mythological creatures for design.They were also decorated with lines and bases, and capitals, which topped off the columns and connected them to the architraves. The rules that Greeks used to build their buildings were precise, and said how wide the columns could be, how tall the columns could be, and how many columns a building needed. The fact that it is a style admired by different countries meant that it was copied across the world. Greek architecture is a very commonly used way of building. For example, the White House uses the different Greek style columns such as Doric or Ionic, etc. Not only the White House, but most of our major buildings today have used many tactics from the Greeks. This impacted not just Greece, but cultures…

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