Ancient Greece's Influence On Modern Life

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A world without a fair government, cures for illnesses, and incorrect views of the world. Without the contributions of the Ancient Greeks, the modern American life would drastically differ. The history books of the world show the great accomplishments of Greece that has ultimately changed the way of living. The current modern life is heavily influenced by the work of the Ancient Greeks like its influence of architecture, advances in science, ingeniously created governments, and the philosophical propositions. .
To begin, Ancient Greek is most well known for its ingenuitive architecture, often advertising it in it’s plentiful array of temples. Doric, Ionian, and Corinthian columns were actively used by the Greeks, and is continued to
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Aristotle realized there are distinct zoological categories for each animal; therefore he sorted them by their characteristic similarities (Nardo 51). Not long after, Aristotle made other additional ground breaking discoveries, like the concept of a chick originally being from an egg (Nardo 52). This consequently aided the forming of a universal botanical language for doctors to converse medical terms with each other (Nardo 57). Comparable to Aristotle, Hippocrates became known as “The Father of Medicine” in the Western world for his work. Before Hippocrates stepped into the picture, doctors believed illnesses were punishments from the gods, and relied on herbs, spells, and rituals to heal someone (59 Nardo). Having Hippocrates mend a broken bone opened up the eyes of most doctors to entrust their careers in logic. (Nardo 59). Outside of Hippocrates’ doings, other figures like Alcmaeon and Galen were then inspired to discover more of the unknown. Alcmaeon debunked the common thought that the liver was the central of intelligence, and discovered it was indeed the brain (Nardo 59). Likewise, Galen recognized the arteries were the carriers of blood throughout a human’s body (Nardo 66). All of the chances taken by the ancient figures has since saved and extended the lives of surrounding …show more content…
Athenians exercised a direct democracy, called dēmokratiā, in which every citizen voted on almost every government decision (“Democracy” NP). Although democracy used in the United States of America is an indirect democracy, most of the ideas came from the Greeks, but with tweaks to fit the modern era. Athens, with trial and error, designed an unheard of government to try to give its citizens an equal voice. Along with their government impacts, Draco created the world’s first written law code (Langley

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