Ancient Greece 's Influence On Western Civilization Essay examples

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Ancient Greece, the birthplace of many achievements that still influence western civilization today. Ancient Greece was one country, but it was separated by several different ways of life. These societies all brought something different to the table, making the diversity of ancient Greek culture that much greater. Two notable societies of ancient Greece are the city-states of Sparta and Athens. Despite the fact that these two city-states had several similarities, they were different in several radical ways. The political, social, and militaristic evolution of these two powers is what stands them apart. The early history of the two poleis were similar considering their establishments of government. Initially governed by a council of nobles-which represented the king’s authority-, early Athens was at a rocky growth due to negative effects influenced by the political establishment. Unprofitable land forced farmers and sharecroppers into borrowing money from nobles, which resulted in them being forced into slavery due to not being able to repay their debts. Eventually, the aristocrat, Solon, institute political reforms. Thus forming the Council of Four Hundred, it was still controlled by the nobles but gave more power to the 400 members. By 500 B.C.E., a noble named Cleisthenes gained the power to implement constitutional reforms which reduced the power of the nobility and gave more power to the people. A new Council of Five Hundred was established. Council membership was…

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