Essay Ancient Greece 's Influence On The Civilization

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The development of the “seeds” of modern society can be first found in Ancient Greece but Grecian civilization was greatly impacted by the societies that came before it. First the Mesopotamians, and then the Egyptians, moved from an agricultural and herding based culture to a new form of culture called civilization. This new culture was “marked by the appearance of urban centers, the mastery of smelting and with it the techniques for making metal tools and weapons, and the invention of writing”(“The Western Heritage”, xxxvii). Their influence spread to the Grecian island of Crete, where the Minoan civilization was created. The Minoans had a significant impact on the Mycenaeans, who populated the mainland of Greece. The collapse of the Mycenaean civilization led to the Greek Dark Ages, where a new but Mycenaean influenced culture was created. This new Hellenistic society was the framework for the Ancient Greece that has shaped our world.

Ancient Greece can be considered the first Western civilization due to some key characteristics. Not only did it have aspects of modern society but it had aspects of traditional society as well. In terms of traditional aspects the Grecians were an extremely religious people who lived in a hierarchical and ascriptive society. Concerning religion they practiced polytheism and primarily worshipped the 12 Olympians. All these gods, including lesser deities, played a major role in ancient Greek art and literature. Each polis, or…

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