Essay on Ancient Greece 's Influence On Art And Architecture

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Ancient Greece has been heralded as one of the remarkable foundations for global culture. From advances in art and architecture, Greek culture has permeated virtually all of the western world, specifically from the Classical period on. The Kritios Boy represents the beginnings of the quintessential Classical Greek statuary, and will serve as an innovative gateway into the expansive and influential Classical Greek tradition. Through a distinct shift in the representation of the human body and its subsequent development in sculpture, the Kritios Boy emulates Greek ideals of harmony and order, and will influence the development of the Classical style. Kritios Boy (fig. 1) has been described as a young boy, perhaps a Greek hero. The sculpture has been attributed to the Athenian sculptor Kritios, though it is not certain whether or not he was responsible for the sculpture. Much is still, to a certain extent, unknown about this small statue, which only measures approximately 1.17 meters. It has been questioned whether the sculpture dates prior to the Persian invasion of Athens in 480 BCE or after it. Many scholars believe that because of the stylistic elements of the Kritios Boy, it would rightly be dated at approximately 480 BCE. The date of the sculpture is important to note, because it provides a historical context for the transition into Early Classical Greek art. Discovered in 1865 on the Acropolis Hill alongside many other Classical sculptures, like Moschophorus, and…

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