Ancient Greece 's Economic Impact On Politics And Politics Essay

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Archaic Greece was a period in time which innovation, development, and revolution changed the course of physical, geographical cities and political ideology. The “polis” or city state was a vital part to the development and change of politics and fundamental ideology . Each polis had different laws from Athens to Sparta and each Polis had different aspects that made them unique and distinguished them from each other. Sparta was a very exclusive and rigid polis with an emphasis on battle, blood, and courage whereas Athens’s concentration tuned towards communication, trade, and government. While Athens, is very well known for the birth of democracy it is important and necessary to see and acknowledge the development of Greece’s overall political society and how city states went from an oligarchy to a democracy while growing socially, economically, and politically. An important part in the transition to democracy is the introduction of ancient Greece’s tyrants . The tyrants of Athens unlike the tyrants of other city-states significantly changed and influenced Athens into Greece’s leading polis through economic, political, and social reforms and innovations. Among these ideas and innovations were; the diminishing barriers of social classes, the beauty in architecture, concentration on cash crops, and the universality of a common currency. The introduction of tyrants and transition from oligarchy to democracy didn’t occur in stages but formed out of tension between the…

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