Ancient Greece Reading Challenge : 5.2 Essay

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Ancient Greece Reading Challenge: 5.2

Required Reading: Ancient Greece:

1. Explain the importance and development of the Greek city-state and the difference between a citizen and a non-citizen:

A city-state have city or town that is surrounded by villages and farmland. The city-states in Greek were very independent and they often quarreled. The citizens were strongly patriotic. Many of them participated in public affairs. Only citizens could own land and participated in the government. Women, slaves and serfs were considered as noncitizen.

2. What territories were a part of ancient Greece? Which seas surrounded the peninsula? (What were the natural resources?)

One territory of ancient Greece consisted of a mountainous peninsula that were surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Ancient Greece’s territories also included numerous islands near the peninsula and the west coast of Asia Minor.

3. Write a short paragraph that compares/contrasts education and government in Athens vs. education and government in Sparta (Hint: be sure to read through the ENTIRE article to obtain complete information):

Only the children of citizens were able to received an education. Athens’s educational system values general studies, music, and physical education equally. On the other hand, Sparta finds military training more important than general studies. Athens were democratic and Sparta were oligarchic. The citizens of Athens, compared to Sparta’s, were more involved in the government.…

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