How Did Ancient Greece Influence Today

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Ancient Greece was a very influential period for Europe and other parts of the world too. Ancient Greece from 800-150 BC was a very influential period for the Greeks. From around 800-500 BC they discovered many new different art styles and encountered many different forms such as architecture, pottery, sculpture. This period in ancient Greece is known as the Archaic Period. During this period the Greeks had discovered many new political enhancements. They were enlightened with the idea of a democracy and began to form some parts on democracy into their government. The Archaic Period has come after the horrible traumatic period in Greece called the Dark Age. After the Archaic Period it begins the Classical Period. This time in Greece has last …show more content…
Ancient Greece affects much of the education in Europe and many other places around the world. A large amount of our mathematical theories have come from ancient philosophers. Europe is also influenced by the ancient Greece in architecture. Many of the modern European house structures are thought of by the Greeks. The Greeks influenced today’s society though knowledge, art, math and architecture in many parts of the world. Socrates created a theory that many teachers in Europe use today, it’s where the teacher asks the student question to get the correct response. Socrates gave Europe and the world insight into new teaching methods and knowledge. His teacher’s methods and theories are used today in Europe in geometry and language. Alexander the Great was also a great historian that arose in this time period. He fought for his land and led his troops into the Persian Empire to defend their territory. Another historical figure who arose in this period is Archimedes. Archimedes was very widely known in math and science. He conducted many famous experiments and was one of the last known great scientists in ancient Greece. Archimedes had many great theories and discoveries in geometry and math but another thing he is known for is making weapons for King Heiro II. Greece wouldn’t be as advanced in today’s society if it wasn’t for these important

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