Ancient Greece Creation Myth Of Myths Essay

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Ancient Greece Creation Myth In Ancient times, no one knew how the world was created. Cultures needed a way to explain the birth of the world so they could make sense of why they are on this earth and give meaning and purpose to their lives. To accomplish this, they wrote their own stories, or creation myths. These myths are the basis of many cultures, and influence the ways that people live and go about their lives.
Myths appeal to psychological feelings. The symbols and metaphors that are contained in myths represent an inner spirit that connects members of society together and gives direction and value to life. Many myths are still widely believed and taught today. While some died out ages ago, not all of the have been forgotten. Even though some myths are not accepted anymore, the stories are still told for entertainment purposes and have spread around the world because of their popularity. The Greeks had many different version of their creation myth, since details of the story would change from time to time because it was spread by word of mouth. In one version of the ancient Greek’s creation myth, the entire universe is created from nothing, or Chaos, as it is called in the myth. From this nothingness, Erebus, Night, and Love are born, and from Love, Light and Gaea are born. Gaea gives birth to Uranus, who becomes her husband, and with him, gives birth to three Cyclops, three Hecatoncheires, and twelve Titans. Because of his hate for the Hecatoncheires, Uranus…

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