Ancient Greece And Modern Society Essay

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Ancient Greek Gender Many nations and civilization have ruled different lands and different people. One of the most ancient civilizations was the Greek civilization. It existed around the Mediterranean Sea where the country Greece is located. The ancient world and society have similar perspectives and different once. Democracy is an example of parallels thoughts in compare to nowadays. Although democracy in ancient Greece and modern life are diverse, the old Greeks, at least, advanced in political views for a nation at that time. Athenians are the first who came up with such a system where citizens can vote for new lawmaking. They engaged with democracy in a very basic way as well as that not everybody in Athens was eligible to vote. The participants must be male who had not been slave before. People at that time believed that male has superiority over women. This notion of male and female roles in ancient world was very common, and the Greek was not the only people who had it. Male are dominant since they carry the responsibility to manage the state’s affairs. Gender specifies a person’s role in the Greek world. It is an important aspect of the old Greek life. Ancient Greek had different role for people according to their gender, so there are male role and female role. Ancient Greeks give the main role of the society for the male. Males are given rights which are not applied to others such as females and slaves, males and females. Male liked the role of leadership and…

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