Essay on Ancient Greece And Ancient Egypt

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slaves they owned since the poor could not afford slaves. Thus, it seems that these great civilizations lived different from one another. Despite their differences in lifestyles, one comparable attribute of Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt would be their religion. Both civilizations practiced a polytheistic religion which meant they believed in more than one god. Ancient Egypt was ruled by pharaohs. Pharaohs were the highest level in the Egyptian society and were considered close to the gods. Egypt’s version of polytheism would be considered Anthropomorphic Polytheism. In its later years Egypt was introduced to the worship of Aten (god of the sun disk) as the only god by Amenhotep the fourth, however, this attempt failed. The Greeks also believed that their king was closest to god. Greece had the basic Polytheistic religion where they believed in the twelve Olympian gods. These gods include Athena, Zeus, Aphrodite, and Apollo just to name a few. Each polis worshiped one of the twelve as their guardian. For example, Athena was the god that was represented in Athens. Greek gods inspired art, writing, and etc. Since Greece was not unified many city states practiced different forms of this religion depending on their government system. Greece’s main forms of government were oligarchy (ruled by a small group), democracy (rule by citizens), and monarchy (ruled by a king). In addition to being polytheistic both civilizations believed to some extent that there was life after…

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