Essay about Ancient Greece And Ancient China

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Throughout this semester, we have explored many different civilizations in the many different chapters that we looked at. Some being the same in areas and some being different. I’m going to look at Chapters two through four, to show see how Ancient India, Ancient China, and Ancient Greece are different and how they are the same. In chapter two we learn about Ancient India, which was and still is a land of diversity (pg. 38). The early civilizations in India arose in river valleys and were shaped by their environment (pg. 38). India was home to many different languages and cultures. Although there were many different languages and cultures, there were two main religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. India, however is more like a continent because of its physical environment and size. The Harappan Civilization was one of the first political structures in India (pg. 39). Harappa was in the center of civilization with a forty foot thick wall surrounding it. The city had somewhere around 80,000 inhabitants around it, making it the largest during this time. All houses looked mostly the same however, they varied in size, with some being up to three stories (pg. 39). A new advanced drainage system was now featured in bathrooms, giving waste a way to escape. It is believed that the Harappan civilization came to an end somewhere are around 1500 B.C., although it is still a mystery as to why. The Aryans was the next civilization that arose. They adapted to the geological ways of India, and…

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