Essay On Ancient Egypt Beliefs

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Ancient Egyptian Beliefs on Royal Burials and Their Relativity to the Afterlife

Though throughout the course of Egyptian history there may be notable differences in the belief system between different periods, one idea remains: the concept of universal order or ma ‘at. This order must be maintained for the people of Egypt to prosper, but how is this done and by whom? In part, this is achieved when the Egyptians follow the rituals of their belief system. Of these rituals, the most important is the proper burial of an Egyptian king, meant to ensure that he reaches the afterlife safely.
The main topic of this paper concerns the reasons why the Egyptian kings were buried differently from the rest of the population. In my opinion this
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The god of Anubis being responsible as a guide to the fallen kings into the afterlife until he was substituted by Osiris in the middle kingdom is a sign that in the ancient Egyptian religion. For Anubis to guide the deceased the proper incantations were needed, this is one of the reasons for the extensively detailed burials, despite Anubis only being believed to guide the king from the old kingdom to the middle kingdom.
In his work, “Ancient Egyptian Kingship”, O’Connor provides an in-depth analysis of the role of ancient Egyptian kings. This work illustrates the nature of the position and the responsibilities held by an Egyptian pharaoh. The knowledge of a king’s role in ancient Egypt is crucial to being able to elaborate on how the king plays a part in the religion of the area. This will assist in proving my thesis by providing myself with a concept of the specific responsibilities of the pharaoh and how they would intertwine with ma`at in the maintaining of both Egypt, and the

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