Essay on Ancient Egypt : The Oldest Civilizations On Earth

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Ancient Egyptian Life
Egypt is among the oldest civilizations on earth. Most Egyptians probably descended from settlers who moved to the Nile valley in prehistoric times, and from immigrants of nearby countries. Most people lived in villages and towns in the Nile valley as farmers. The most favoured location of settlements would be on slightly raised ground near the riverbank, where an annual flooding of the Nile would mark the beginning of each farming season. The Egyptians planted wheat and barley in the mud. They also grew other fruits and vegetables using irrigation. People in ancient Egypt wore simple clothing made of white linen. Dwellings were constructed using mud bricks. These houses had small windows and floors of straw matting, and paintings, as a popular form of art, often decorated the walls. Paintings, among other forms of art like artifacts and pieces of writing have been very well preserved due to the hot sand and dry air, showing us how people lived in ancient Egypt. This helped us figure out that the ancient Egyptians were very religious. They believed in a life after death if the body could be preserved. So they carefully embalmed bodies and enclosed them in massive tombs. They decorated the walls of these tombs with paintings and inscriptions.

The Death Mask of King Tutankhamun
To humanity, the king was believed to be a living god. Egyptian kings are commonly called pharaohs, which means “great house” as it refers to the king 's palace. The beloved…

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