Ancient Egypt : The Greatest Civilizations Essay

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Ancient Egypt was possibly one of the greatest civilizations in known history. A country is not born great but made great by a strong leader. Of Egypt’s multitude of great leaders none were as notable as Ramesses II who was appropriately referred to as Ramesses the Great. Also, no matter how great the ruler there is not much he is capable of making if he does not have the right tool, but luckily the Egyptians had the land and resources for the civilization to thrive. Additionally, for a country to be strong the people of that land must also have good lives. Many people would say that in order to have a good life you must be in good health. The ancient Egyptian masses had this luxury due to their advancement in medicine and thusly they could live long lives focusing on more important matters. Therefore, Ancient Egypt was great and had the potential to be great due to the leaders who ruled it, their advanced medical practices, and the natural resources at their disposal.
Egypt had many great leaders but among them none stood out as much as Ramesses II, who undoubtedly deserved the name Ramesses the Great. Like most great leaders Ramesses was incredibly proficient in the art of war. An excellent example of Ramesses ' impressive leadership during times of conflict is the battle of Kadesh. Ramesses had captured two Hittite spies and tortured them into revealing that the Hittite army was far from the city, but this would turn out not to be the case. In reality the Hittite army was…

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